Readers say

“Are you aware that you have, whether intentionally or inadvertently, propelled your quiet and laconic husband into the ranks of the most likable (and in your terms, loveable) of good Kiwi blokes?”

–        John of Coromandel, NZ who delighted us, especially as his letter arrived on Christmas Day.

Looking up the Otamatea River from Batley on a glorious still morning.

“A wonderful story, beautifully written. I couldn’t put the book down for two days – not conducive to achieving much, but thoroughly enjoyable.”

–        Jenny – who sent a beautiful card.

“I bought your book after I read the review by David Hill in Canvas and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoy your style and frankness.”

–         Janet

“From the first time I became aware of you and “the farmer” on the Good Morning TV show – then watching the Country Calendar programme next evening which incidently, I found to be one of the best I’ve seen [!] and have since become hooked on “the Book”!

I am a ‘romantic’ at heart and commend you for allowing me to ‘travel’ with you [almost to the edge!] in your well researched and written, at times very emotional, ‘masterpiece’ . . .  You do have a certain flair with words, and so often I found early on, that it just was not possible to skip a line or three because you were VERY good at an unexpected ‘revelation’ or two within those missed lines! I really enjoyed those little ‘piece de resistance{s}’! It was a long comprehensive read, and dare I say it, I believe there is much to be revealed yet from within those Batley House walls.”

–         Carol Davey (via this website)

“I absolutely loved your book! It did make me laugh and cry. Your Facebook page and website look simply terrific! I am so happy to see that you have developed quite the international “fan club”. You should be very proud of all your efforts. Please let me know of any subsequent books. I appreciate being updated on all your activities. Thanks for all your inspiration!”

–        Pam Brown of Woodland Hills, Los Angeles – maybe we’ll meet one day)

“I cried, I laughed out loud and became engrossed right from your first journey. . .”

Historic bits and bobs

–         Sue

“As the shop assistant informed us, ‘people find it hard to put down’. Well, she is so right . . . ”

–         Don

I feel I know you both . . . Your honest description of your journey plus the talent you have for describing rural life and rural community spirit has brought back many memories for us.

–         Ian – an email via the website.

And some special family connections have been established  . . .

“It has been really great to find you. Everybody in our family is excited as we have always wondered what had happened to Mum’s side of the family.”


Thanks to everyone who’s written, spoken, emailed, Facebooked – or read the book and thought, ‘Yes, I enjoyed that.’ You’ve made writing my personal story even more of a pleasure, Rae.

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  1. Gail Paddison

    Hi Rae, Have just finished reading your book. ( leant to me by my sister n law, Valda Padddison) A fantastic story, and yes I too feel I know you both.
    The History you collected is just amazing. Have made Zoeys Chocolate cake, its certianlly a favourite in my house now. Thanks so much for sharing your journey.
    Gail Paddison

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