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Jul 28

Satisfying time amid the mud

Otamatea HarbourCare members - the farmer front left - getting stuck in planting natives to improve water run off into the Kaipara Harbour.

Each morning I’m a picture of sartorial style in muddy overalls, beanie and gumboots as the farmer and I move cattle. Up until the big wet we moved young bulls in the intensive grazing system every two days, but now they’re in smaller paddocks. In larger areas they stomp the lot to muck by the end …

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Nov 19

Freedom campers need to play by the rules

Campervans in a paddock where it's legal to park because they've kindly asked.

I hadn’t thought ‘lightly’ and ‘politely’ could be interchangeable until a letter from a rental vehicle company proved that, indeed, this is so. We share a Kaipara beach with ‘no camping’ signs which were ignored by some freedom campers I met during a preprandial wander. The couple, whose van had been parked all day, were …

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Jul 08

Slimy brown scum – it has a name

This brown scum that thrives in our wet winters is called Nostoc Commune

Anticipating cultured conversation after a local theatre performance, we retired to the bar for a night cap. But as this is a rural area, talk was all about an entirely different type of culture – a strange gooey, gunky and shiny brown growth. I’d first spotted it while being a marshal for the Rally of …

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Dec 17

Meet Christina Ferens, author of ‘The Country Diary of a New Zealand Lady’

# The Country Diary Front Cover for web (1)

As a writer about rural life, I was recently asked to review a book by another Northland writer, Christina Ferens. The Country Diary of a New Zealand Lady is glorious; it’s both a meditation and a celebration of the birds, animals, and plants which many of us see every day and don’t give a second …

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Apr 30

Thanks to our hapless guests

Shags in a feeding frenzy

The farmer and I thank visiting family and friends for coping with cold showers, collapsing chairs and curious possums. About a year ago we bought eight new deck chairs which, as three hapless guests have taught us, have a design fault. So far three chairs have cracked in the same place taking three different guests …

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