Aug 20

Activity vs achievement

Looking up the Otamatea River on a gorgeous morning

The Otamatea River on a gorgeous morning.

“Don’t confuse activity with achievement.”

Last week a newspaper editor spoke these wise words while I was chatting with him on the subject of being busy.

But how does one define which is which?

I’m obsessed (mildly) with photographing the Otamatea River, usually in the morning. It occurred to me today, months after taking this photo, that it might  be an achievement. Many are mere activity, but I don’t learn this till afterwards.

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Rae Roadley

Rae is a journalist, freelance writer and writing tutor. Soon after returning to her hometown to work for Northland's daily newspaper, she met beef and sheep farmer Rex Roadley. He lived in a historic home at Batley on the Kaipara Harbour and after moving there, Rae reported on farming then wrote a newspaper column, The Country Side. Her wryly amusing tales of country life earned many followers and led her to learn more about the local people, past and present. She tells the story of her new life in 'Love at the End of the Road: Finding my heart in the country'.